Monday, November 23, 2009

sugar, we're going down.

grey v-neck t-shirt.-target.
royal blue blazer.-vintage escada.
acid wash jeans.-mossimo target.
black converse.
black and silver bauble earrings.-h&m.

so, yes i know its been like a decade and please do forgive me. i'm getting used to doing work and blogging. i've been so busy lately and a bit backtracked as you can all tell. nothing tremendous has happened except that i am truly expanding my knowledge in school. some recent news? i went to see forever the sickest kids the other day at the house of blues and it truly was a magical experience. also there was kelsey and the chaos, down with webster, my favorite highway, the rocket summer, and sing it loud! i met a lot of members of the different bands that were there so that was great and i met a couple members from ftsk! i am so excited for the thanksgiving vacation where i can finally spent time with my family. i will def. post some outfit pictures! i'll keep you guys updated.

caleb from ftsk and i.

jonathan from ftsk and i.

david from my favorite highway and i.

corey from kelsey and the chaos and i.

tyler from kelsey and the chaos and i.