Saturday, July 11, 2009

teen vogue emma watson spread.

wearing: D&G top and skirt, fallon tiara, D&G brooches, and mokuba ribbon.

wearing: D&G brooches, erin fetherson skirt, mokuba ribbon fogal tights, and for all mankind boots.

wearing: moschino cheap and chic blazer, burberry dress, jennifer behr headwrap, adrienne landau faux fur stole, mawi necklace, and sorrelli ring.

wearing: toga dress, bcbg tights, teeny house bunny headband, aris geldis necklace, burberry porsum belt, and burberry boots.

wearing: gryphon new york jacket, monique lhuillier dress, elizabeth cole jewelry, daydream nation locket bracelet, aris geldis bracelet, bcbg tights, and burberry shoes.

wearing: 2k by gingham t-shirt, D&G skirt, mawi necklace, juicy bracelet, bcbg tights, and pleaser shoes.

so i completely fell in love when i opened the new issue of teen vogue and saw a spread of harry potter's emma watson divinely dressed in these stunning outfits. see more here. i am just completely and absolutely captivated by the rich fabrics and amazing textures. the jewels, tights, and boots have me splendidly sitting on cloud nine. my personal favorite of them all would have to be the "horse play" outfit. i would sincerely give my life for that beautifully crafted structured dress paired with those sparkly bcbg tights and burberry boots. the headpiece is amazing as well!

well any who i leave for vacation to the dominican republic tonight at 4am and unfortunately i will not be able to post anything until i come back but i promise to take many pictures and as soon as i get back i will def. post them. goodbye for now my fellow bloggers! ciao.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


sooo these are a couple of the recent and upcoming trends trends that are due to skyrocket this fall/winter of 09-10. they include but are not limited to ultra low v-necks, military jackets, thigh-high boots, studs, jodhpur pants, leather, and rocker chic styles!
personally, i am so excited for fall! not only because it is my favorite season but fall fashion is the absolute best, and it's the best weather for layering. in september i shall be a happy camper. some of these upcoming styles are also classic and timeless which is awesome.
so now in my personal life. um i am back home from the beach house but unfortunately i came back to a clothes filled very dirty bed room. so tomorrow i begin project:clean this damn room! ha! and i will also begin to pack for the dominican republic. whoo! i leave this saturday at 4:00am in the morning. unfortunately i won't be able to post any blogs while I'm there but i might leave a scheduled post. any who, being my last summer before i enter college my close friend wanny munoz and i are going to make a...[memory box]. so far i have gathered some concert tickets, a couple photographs to represent the past, my cobra starship fangs to represent all the fun memories and the more to come, my fashion scissors to represent my love of fashion design, movie tickets, a national honor society rose to represent my achievements and some make-up. i need to add more things but i need to clean my room first. i want to make a collage of where i want to be in four years, write a letter, and a couple other things. we plan to bury it in her back yard and come together once we both finish college, dig it up, and go through it. yup that's our plan. i also gave her a gift. i gave her a leopard print shirt which i own as well and gave it to her as our we to stay connected during college. whenever she feels sad or lonely that is my way of being there with her even if we are separated and it is incredibly chic so if she's feeling bummy she can wear it and be that much more fashionable :]. hehe well thats all for now ciao.

Friday, July 3, 2009

this is my manhattan from the sky.

black and white scoop neck leopard print tank-f21.
black and white paint splatter design racer back tank w/ knotted shoulders-f21.
regular jeans.
black studded point-toe leather flats-f21.
favorite thunderbolt gage earrings-hot topic.
black and silver hinged cuff with a floral design-mom.
black and silver peace bracelet-flea market.
3-strand silver link bracelet-f21.
eggshell blue hand-crafted ring-from the dominican republic given to me by a great friend.

hey there! well good news!...the weather finally cleared up at the beach house just in time for july 4th. word on the street is that it will actually be warmer for the fourth of july. yess i can finally begin project:tan :] i really like this outfit here. at first, i was a bit iffy about the two print layering but i think it was a great turn out. this outfit embodies my personality so well from the studs to the black and silver, the prints, everything! i love the shoes i think they are the perfect shoes to dress up a plain tee or add a bit more to a incredibly chic outfit. so last night was pretty amazing i got dresses, did my hair, and had a swell day with the family. i also finally got my new hp computer and i love it.(pictured below) its really easy to use, lightweight, slim and sleek, and the perfect size. unfortunately it doesn't have a cd-rom drive which i find odd but i really like it. i am such a pc. ha! at night i hopped in the jacuzzi with my family and we sipped on rose moet champagne. delish. i once again saw the sun rise while speaking to my friends on facebook. :] great day!.
p.s-soon i plan to have a beauty post with what i use as far as products and make-up because a lot of people always ask me questions on that topic, a video tutorial on how i do my eye-makeup cause a lot of people ask me to teach them, and maybe my first video post!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

rain, rain go away.

hello there, so someone please explain to me what is going on with the weather. for being july this is quite alot of rain. right now i am spending my july 4th week at a beachhouse in new hampshire. i arrived here yesturday afternoon. it truly is beautiful, calming, and relaxing. the place is just absolutely goregous. but my goal of watching the sunrise was replaced with powerful rain showers. so much for staying up till 7am. hmm let's see i jumped into the jacuzzi today to relax. might go back in after 12am hmm we'll see. kinda pissed cause i was really looking forward to a long week of tanning but with this weather it truly seems impossible. i guess i'll just have to wait until i leave to the dominican republic on the 11th. i am so excited to go because i will be staying at a really nice resort and i can finally begin to tan. today i found out that my little brother erased ALL of the songs off of my iTunes and iPod and left only one song (untouched by the veronicas) luckily its a song i really enjoy and i don't mind hearing it over and over haha but ugh i am so mad. luckily my new laptop comes in about 2 days so it gives me a chance for a fresh start and keep track of my music on my own personal computer. if you haven't noticed already i am just ranting about some of the things going on in my life. another subject thats been tumbling around my mind daily is: college. i am so nervous to begin college i am the type of person who usually has everything planned and is filled in with what's going on and for the first time in a long time i really have no clue what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. i just feel really out of place. but i know once september comes things will slowly begin to come together. :)