Monday, June 29, 2009

pretty young thing.

the balmain fall/winter 09-10 collection is absolutely divine. it is one of my favorite collections, he as well is one of my favorite designers. the excessive use of black, white, siver, sequins, leopard print, boots, and structure give me serious irregular heart palpitations. i have been inspired greatly by this collection. i am loving the whole rocker-chic style. i just LOVE the entire collection!!!!(cause god knows how obsessed i was and still am with the balmain summer09 studded heels.) another balmain lover is the legendary michael jackson himself. on numerous occasions he was spotted wearing balmain. above is a picture of him sporting a spring 09 embellished blazer and fall 08 cropped leopard print trousers. he's pretty much amazing. with that, i also want to give my condolences to the jackson family. it's sad that we had to lose one of the biggest idol's in history. personally, i believe michael jackson is chilling with biggie, tupac, and elvis in egypt but that's another story. i believe instead of mourning his death we should celebrate the 50 years that he was with us and the decades he had making music and history. instead of asking why's and what if's lets just accept that he's in a better place. instead of talking about his "molestation" charges and all lets remember how much money and time he donated to charities and the amazing humanitarian he was, but mostly instead of mourning his death, lets celebrate his freedom from this judgmental world. rest in peace michael and believe that you will never be forgotten and you will always be the king of pop.

smile, cause you'll go out in style.


hanes t-shirt-target.
black edgy multi-strand necklace-forever21.
acid wash jeans-target.
tattered and written on black and white converse from freshman year! :D

lately, i have been feeling a bit rocker chic. i've been having the urge to add more to my outfits, from silver jewelry to silver nails. i guess it must be this rainy weather that has me dying for something bright and shiny. well today i didn't do anything but it was an amazing day i was dying of boredom when i hear someone outside say "UPS!" i can safely say that i have never ran from my computer to the door so quickly. i felt like dash from the incredibles! i open the door and there are two humongous boxes one was from forever21 and one from my college. i was shopping online the other day and found a bunch of gorgeous things at forever21 that didn't look like they were from forever21 at all hence, the reason i purchased them. these are the items.

Photobucket front floral chiffon top trimmed with leopard lace.
2.chic and festive blue and pink color block skirt.
3.edgy multi-strand necklace embellished with assorted metal beads and chains.
4.large chain adorned with crescent shaped pendant with an abstract design.
5.pearlescent beads and antique finish cable chains necklace. and white scoop neck leopard print tank.
7.grey leopard face knit top w/ cuffed sleeves. and white paint splatter design racer back tank w/ knotted shoulders. studded point-toe leather flats.

Monday, June 22, 2009


brown braided headband-capelli NY.
white v-neck-hanes :].
mixed necklaces-vintage & f21.
alligator skin belt-zara.
print skirt-fire LA.

so im leaving to the dominican republic for vacation on the 11th of july and i have been wearing all of the outfits i bought for "vacation". i haven't posted a outfit in a while so here you go!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just to make it clear.

my hopeless fashion victims
when you are a "abercrombie and fitch" fiend and "hollister" lover you are in no way contributing to the fashion world-hence the reason you should not call nor consider yourself to be a "fashionista".

ATTN!!- buying a shirt that says HOLLISTER or ABERCROMBIE on it in mega-sized letters does not prove anything except that your a walking billboard/advertisment and that your a dumbass for spending over $60 on a shirt that should have cost you $5 and only took less than $1 to produce.

i understand if you buy something that is being massproduced, but work with it. use you own creativity to make it your own. the best way to shop is boutiques, thrift shops, yard sales, ect. believe it or not because its an easy way to snag some really sweet things at a very cheap price. you dont have to worry about someone owning the same thing you do because its most likely not being produced anymore. anddddd you can consider it as recycling because your reusing and outfit. remember one;s trash is another's treasure.
and i understand it can get difficult to go thrift shopping because where you live there might not be many shops because i myself have that problem but if your buying something from a mass-production store at least get funky with it. add something to make it different and your style.

get it, got it, good. :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

if you see kay.

ello forgive me for i have been a bit out of the loop but since school is over and so is wizard of oz. i have plenty of time to blog about fashion and life :D
so schools over and my life is no longer planned or on a schedule and it feels absolutely weird. but i'm off to eat and shower hope you enjoy the moodboard of my inspirations. :D

Sunday, June 7, 2009


so prom was on friday, may 29th and simply put it was absolutely amazing. i had so much fun. although it was soooooooo stressful it was all worth it in the end. i actually designed and constructed my very own prom dress and those pictures are the final product. i was very pleased with the outcome of my dress because it was original and it really was "mine" :D
i finallyyyyyy cut my hair for prom! for prom i put it in an up do but i will soon post some picturess of the new do.
so in my life lets see whats new um well wizard of oz is less than a week away and it'll be held on june 11th,12th,and 13th and if you want to buy tickets they are five dollars. The event will be held at the performing arts center in lawrence high. i have been working on costumes for the show day and night and lack much sleep but i believe that it will all eventually pay off.
on another note i feel a huge melt/breakdown coming on because i have been so stresses and this next chapter in my life has me feeling so lost and unsure. mainly i feel unsure about many things in my life about the future, friends, family, college and so on and so on. i am also very scared to enter the next chapter of my life especially since i will be so alone. hopefully as time comes and with patience things will begin to slowly fall into place ://

i attended a lock-in yesturday and did not get any shut-eye hence, the fact that i am currently extremely deprived of sleep so i will end this post here but i will post soon i cross my heart. <3