Monday, November 23, 2009

sugar, we're going down.

grey v-neck t-shirt.-target.
royal blue blazer.-vintage escada.
acid wash jeans.-mossimo target.
black converse.
black and silver bauble earrings.-h&m.

so, yes i know its been like a decade and please do forgive me. i'm getting used to doing work and blogging. i've been so busy lately and a bit backtracked as you can all tell. nothing tremendous has happened except that i am truly expanding my knowledge in school. some recent news? i went to see forever the sickest kids the other day at the house of blues and it truly was a magical experience. also there was kelsey and the chaos, down with webster, my favorite highway, the rocket summer, and sing it loud! i met a lot of members of the different bands that were there so that was great and i met a couple members from ftsk! i am so excited for the thanksgiving vacation where i can finally spent time with my family. i will def. post some outfit pictures! i'll keep you guys updated.

caleb from ftsk and i.

jonathan from ftsk and i.

david from my favorite highway and i.

corey from kelsey and the chaos and i.

tyler from kelsey and the chaos and i.

Monday, September 28, 2009

beautiful liar.

grey v-neck t-shirt.-target.
floral print blazer.-thrifted.
random jeans.-?.
brass and beaded earrings.-street vendor.
eggshell blue hand-crafted ring-the dominican republic given to me by my best friend.

thanks to lily leaf over at momo monroe's diary for this awesome award:

this award requires me to state 10 facts about me so, here we go!
1. i loveee poptarts!
2. fall out boy is my life!
3. my older brother and i have the same birthday (december 9th) but are five years apart.
4. it is absolutely pouring outside right now.
5. i adore the colors black, grey, and white.
6. i want to move to tokyo.
7. i live in an all-girl dorm and i go to lasell college and am studying fashion design.
8. my favorite models are agyness deyn and raquel zimmerman.
9. my favorite color is silver.
10. i am an artist.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

a camera + 3 girls + 60,000 photos fast forward.

this video is really snazzy the song is metric-sick muse.
everyone check out and sign up at encourages youth to engage in free discussion and to Talk. From Politics to Fashion, from Science to Music, everything is welcomed here.

will post outfit later on tonight or tommorow.*

Thursday, September 10, 2009


so i am now an official college student. so far i am really liking it. here's a picture of my dorm. (or at least my part) it needs a lot more decorating but that will happen once we buy the decorations. so mondays and wednesdays are my most crowded days. i'm taking a studio art class, a freshman year seminar, algebra(i stink at math), an english course, pattern generation, and last but def. not the least a clothing construction class! i love all my classes. so far my first fashion-related assignment is to come up with 10 designs front and back that are inspired by the combination of a building, sport, and geometric shapes. any ideas?!

those are some pictures from the harbor cruise of class of 13'. i had a blast with these two amazing girls lindsay and loren.<3 thank god i met them because they have made it that much easier!
black and white cheetah print dress.-f21.
grey boyfriend cardigan.-sweater project.
patchwork snake skin clutch.-f21.
thick silver cuff.-dominican republic.
black zipper leggings.-target.
black studded point-toe leather flats.-f21.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ignorance is your new best friend.

black leather vest.-thrifted.
white dress shirt.-thrifted.
black and white scoop neck leopard print tank.-f21.
snake print t-strap stud sandal.-payless.

hey everyone.
sooo today is my official last day in the city in which i live and tomorrow i will finally move into my dorm! i'm rooming in a quad in an all girl dorm. any tips on rooming/college? so a couple days ago i stopped by a thrift store randomly and i did not expect to find all that i found. i spent thirty dollars and got so many things! some of the things i bought included a flower print blazer, a flower print long sleeve mesh shirt, 3 vintage bags, a navy blue blazer w/ gold buttons, a knit cardigan, a flower print vest, a teal blouse and much more! you guys will def. see many of these items soon. also, sorry for the lack of posts but all my clothes is packed so i have only been wearing t-shirts and flip flops.

back from my new york trip.

hey bloggers im back from new york! this trip was amazing and like any other. i spent time with my family and my adored cousin rosmarin.i took many trips to different places and here are some pictures. like i mentioned in the last post is a new website that offers the coolest brands at the lowest prices, & it costs nothing because you're paying for the things you get with the points you earn. the prizes include ipod's, wii's, mac's, bags by marc jacobs, and backstage passes.
the site launches publicly in october, so right now it's invite-only & the points for the prizes will go up by then, so join now while everything's low & easy to get!
i have 15 invites left so the first 15 people to comment with their e-mail, i'll send you an invite! check your spam folder.

during our hike from williamsburg brooklyn to seaport manhattan.

wall street.

my big old happy family.

wandering in new jersey.


yeah, we're some serious tanners.

eating the best chinese food with rosy. they have the best bbq sauce.

times square. oh, what a beauty.!

he is amazing.

finally got to see van gogh's starry night in person!

andy warhol's marilyn monroe. his work is amazing.

coney island.

my cousins<3.


the statue of liberty.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ny is burning up.

i'm finally in new york spending some very much needed quality time with my dear cousin rosmarin. this week will consist of countless trips to goodwill's and various thrift stores, beaches, and eating garlic bread w/ cool whip at 3am in the morning. :D
this spread has been around for a while and i have just really been dying to post it. im really in love with it. also thanks to ann over at intangibleee for inviting me too which is a new website that offers the coolest brands at the lowest prices, & it costs nothing because you're paying for the things you get with the points you earn. the prizes include ipod's, wii's, mac's, bags by marc jacobs, and backstage passes.
the site launches publicly in october, so right now it's invite-only & the points for the prizes will go up by then, so join now while everything's low & easy to get!
i have 15 invites left so the first 15 people to comment with their e-mail, i'll send you an invite! check your spam folder.

btw its a bajillion degrees out!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

girl crush.

ok so pixie geldof is incredibly hot like her style is breathtaking and her hair is amazing. i also like her gap i don't know if that's a bit weird but i don't care. any who, yesterday i went to my first official boston red sox baseball game.! it was against the detroit tigers but of course we won. i had a really good time! here is a little collage.

umm, so blogger deleted all of the sites i was following and now i'm going crazy i remember most of them so i will most definitely try to follow you all again. why did that happen to me...why?! anyways adios.!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

calm your nerves now.

blue and white checkered shirt.-thrifted.
white v.neck.-converse.
alligator skin belt.-zara.
suede t.strap sandals-american eagle.

ello, finally posted an outfit yeah i know i was slacking. so the shirt that i am wearing in this post i actually got free at a thrift shop. i also bought a vintage royal blue tweed boyfriend blazer, a creme boyfriend blazer, a mustard colored wool coat, a rich purple jacket with amazing gold buttons, a tribal blouse, three books, and a record all for only $10!!! yeah it was an amazing day. the last picture is me and my uncle on his birthday! ha i smothered him in frosting my sweet revenge. well i have good news I FINALLY GOT ALL MY FINANCIAL SCHOOL PROBLEMS SORTED OUT! yes that's a lot of weight off of my shoulders. my really good friend bought me the dvd to free willy yesturday and i was sooo happy. i had been dying to see the movie because its my favorite and finally i not only saw it but i actually own it now and it's the 10th anniversary special edition! wow i was so excited. hehe well thats my update for now ciao.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



ello, just a simple update. so today was a very good but very stressful day, i got pretty much all of my financial things squared out and am ready to finally pay my bill tomorrow. luckily i came up with the money fast so i do not have to pay for a late fee. thank jesus!. today i was given this amazing set of chanel makeup brushes along with a black tie glossimer (which i can already say i absolutely adore!). i was also given a professional salon razor to cut my hair with. i've been cutting my hair on my own for the past two years but i wasn't using the proper materials but now with this razor i am all set. just wondering what one major thing that you've been dying to buy (include pictures if you can). well im off to clean the mess that i call my room. ciao.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

guess who's back. back again!

my trip
ayy im back!. well i've been back for a couple days now but i been so caught up running so many errands and finalizing all my college things so excuse me for that. thank you to those who wished me a good time and a safe flight. so the dominican republic was amazing. i spent a lot of my time there relaxing and unwinding. there was only one downfall over there and that was that my guy over there who i've had something since i was 10 has a baby! yeah it was the most shocking news i've heard all year. right now he is in italy so we weren't able to see each other but we will in december. other than that the trip was really good. my days usually consisted of sleep, going to my uncle's store (he's a fashion designer), spend the day in the city, then drink and party. we also took trips to visit people and we stayed VIP at a five-star resort! that was hands down the best part of the trip. i also met up with my brother(the one im kissing on the cheek)in dr which was nice. well hope you enjoy the collage i put together of my trip. <3

Saturday, July 11, 2009

teen vogue emma watson spread.

wearing: D&G top and skirt, fallon tiara, D&G brooches, and mokuba ribbon.

wearing: D&G brooches, erin fetherson skirt, mokuba ribbon fogal tights, and for all mankind boots.

wearing: moschino cheap and chic blazer, burberry dress, jennifer behr headwrap, adrienne landau faux fur stole, mawi necklace, and sorrelli ring.

wearing: toga dress, bcbg tights, teeny house bunny headband, aris geldis necklace, burberry porsum belt, and burberry boots.

wearing: gryphon new york jacket, monique lhuillier dress, elizabeth cole jewelry, daydream nation locket bracelet, aris geldis bracelet, bcbg tights, and burberry shoes.

wearing: 2k by gingham t-shirt, D&G skirt, mawi necklace, juicy bracelet, bcbg tights, and pleaser shoes.

so i completely fell in love when i opened the new issue of teen vogue and saw a spread of harry potter's emma watson divinely dressed in these stunning outfits. see more here. i am just completely and absolutely captivated by the rich fabrics and amazing textures. the jewels, tights, and boots have me splendidly sitting on cloud nine. my personal favorite of them all would have to be the "horse play" outfit. i would sincerely give my life for that beautifully crafted structured dress paired with those sparkly bcbg tights and burberry boots. the headpiece is amazing as well!

well any who i leave for vacation to the dominican republic tonight at 4am and unfortunately i will not be able to post anything until i come back but i promise to take many pictures and as soon as i get back i will def. post them. goodbye for now my fellow bloggers! ciao.