Saturday, July 11, 2009

teen vogue emma watson spread.

wearing: D&G top and skirt, fallon tiara, D&G brooches, and mokuba ribbon.

wearing: D&G brooches, erin fetherson skirt, mokuba ribbon fogal tights, and for all mankind boots.

wearing: moschino cheap and chic blazer, burberry dress, jennifer behr headwrap, adrienne landau faux fur stole, mawi necklace, and sorrelli ring.

wearing: toga dress, bcbg tights, teeny house bunny headband, aris geldis necklace, burberry porsum belt, and burberry boots.

wearing: gryphon new york jacket, monique lhuillier dress, elizabeth cole jewelry, daydream nation locket bracelet, aris geldis bracelet, bcbg tights, and burberry shoes.

wearing: 2k by gingham t-shirt, D&G skirt, mawi necklace, juicy bracelet, bcbg tights, and pleaser shoes.

so i completely fell in love when i opened the new issue of teen vogue and saw a spread of harry potter's emma watson divinely dressed in these stunning outfits. see more here. i am just completely and absolutely captivated by the rich fabrics and amazing textures. the jewels, tights, and boots have me splendidly sitting on cloud nine. my personal favorite of them all would have to be the "horse play" outfit. i would sincerely give my life for that beautifully crafted structured dress paired with those sparkly bcbg tights and burberry boots. the headpiece is amazing as well!

well any who i leave for vacation to the dominican republic tonight at 4am and unfortunately i will not be able to post anything until i come back but i promise to take many pictures and as soon as i get back i will def. post them. goodbye for now my fellow bloggers! ciao.



nadia anaid:) said...

OMGshh, this is to die for..!
its all zprr gorgeous,!! and shes so beautiful,!! aww:) i love ittt.

ultimate fashion junkie. said...

righttt i swear i had a stroke when i opened up the magazine!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I love this spread...I'm really loving Emma right now :)

Lily said...

I love that brocade skirt with the patterned tights. So gorgeous.

Have fun in the Dominican Republic!

Olivia C. said...

Wow! Such pretty pictures. Amazing!
Have a fun/safe trip! :)

KAM said...

Im guessing I wasn't the only one taken in by that spread, eh?! lOl. The color of the fabric was just so lush....lmao. Great post!

Lauren and Jennifer said...

We love her!!!!

Austere said...

Emma Watson is one of my favorites. Ah, can't wait ot see Harry Potter! anywya, I wanted to say that I adore the first one. Thanks for sharing these photos.

[LA] said...


I saw these pics two millions times but still LOVE EM!


gatalivre said...

she looks like a barbie in the "wild" pic. lovely

Stupid Girl said...

I love emma watson! and that spread was pretty amazing. I remember seeing the pictures on tumblr and i reblogged like 50 times. The outfits are just so gorgeous when accompanied by her beautiful looks.


The Biche said...

I love those pictures! The first time I saw them, I was in shock, so amzaing!

Shopaholic said...

What an amazing photoshoot! I've seen some pics of her in UK Elle, pretty amazing too.

Jess said...

Emma Watson is such a pretty girl. I love the picture with the ladder, especially the jacket in it! and the accessories from this spread are so awesome.

STARR said...

She looks really cute here!

ultimate fashion junkie. said...

i agreee with all you ladies. i mean she is just really amazing and she has an ad for burberry now with looks amazing as well.

thanks for wishing me a safe trip. i went and now im back! safe and sound.

Kristin said...

great style!!!

somedaynewyorker said...

The person who styled this is phenomenal.

ultimate fashion junkie. said...

right im saying. this person has some serious skills!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this editorial..I couldnt believe it when I first saw the pictures its so magical and echanting and I love emma watson shes such a good role model


ultimate fashion junkie. said...

i agree 100% :D

The Queen of Hearts said...

I love a ton of looks in this shoot -- I'm all about the over-exaggerated tulip skirts/dresses for fall.

Madame said...

Great choice of photos... very inspirational! I love skirts and hardly ever wear pants so I'm motivated to stay with my minis and pencil shaped skirts... no matter the weather!