Monday, September 28, 2009

beautiful liar.

grey v-neck t-shirt.-target.
floral print blazer.-thrifted.
random jeans.-?.
brass and beaded earrings.-street vendor.
eggshell blue hand-crafted ring-the dominican republic given to me by my best friend.

thanks to lily leaf over at momo monroe's diary for this awesome award:

this award requires me to state 10 facts about me so, here we go!
1. i loveee poptarts!
2. fall out boy is my life!
3. my older brother and i have the same birthday (december 9th) but are five years apart.
4. it is absolutely pouring outside right now.
5. i adore the colors black, grey, and white.
6. i want to move to tokyo.
7. i live in an all-girl dorm and i go to lasell college and am studying fashion design.
8. my favorite models are agyness deyn and raquel zimmerman.
9. my favorite color is silver.
10. i am an artist.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

a camera + 3 girls + 60,000 photos fast forward.

this video is really snazzy the song is metric-sick muse.
everyone check out and sign up at encourages youth to engage in free discussion and to Talk. From Politics to Fashion, from Science to Music, everything is welcomed here.

will post outfit later on tonight or tommorow.*

Thursday, September 10, 2009


so i am now an official college student. so far i am really liking it. here's a picture of my dorm. (or at least my part) it needs a lot more decorating but that will happen once we buy the decorations. so mondays and wednesdays are my most crowded days. i'm taking a studio art class, a freshman year seminar, algebra(i stink at math), an english course, pattern generation, and last but def. not the least a clothing construction class! i love all my classes. so far my first fashion-related assignment is to come up with 10 designs front and back that are inspired by the combination of a building, sport, and geometric shapes. any ideas?!

those are some pictures from the harbor cruise of class of 13'. i had a blast with these two amazing girls lindsay and loren.<3 thank god i met them because they have made it that much easier!
black and white cheetah print dress.-f21.
grey boyfriend cardigan.-sweater project.
patchwork snake skin clutch.-f21.
thick silver cuff.-dominican republic.
black zipper leggings.-target.
black studded point-toe leather flats.-f21.