Thursday, April 30, 2009

come on get higher.

-slouch bow top.-target.
-shirred gloss leggings.-forever21.
-black slouched boot.-forever21.

ok so this is my first fashion post in like foreverrr so please forgive me im having some issues. well this outfit is really cute yet extremely easy and comfortable.
so i chose that in the fall i will be attending Lasell college whoop whoop. i've come to the conclusion that it will be much better for me to jumpstart my fashion journey in a smaller environment for at least the first year and learn more with smaller classes and then transfer to a school in the city where i am much more on my own.
so thats my plan. hopefully everything turns out well.

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction. - Al Bernstein

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

believers never die. part deux.

ok so let me just state that yesterday was officially the best day of my life. hands down!!. ok so quick re-cap wake up at 7am get ready for senior skip day at the beachhh because our sacred global-warmed earth decided to bless us with 92 degree weather yay!
eventually at 9:30 my beloved sonia picked wanny and i up along with carol, yevette, chucha, and bia lmfao can you say sardines ha! it was so funny. we then headed to mcdonalds to meet everyone else there and boy were they there. my god i have never seen so many people at mcdonalds everrrrr. everyoneee was there and when i say everyone i mean it. there was like 100 to 150 people and like 25 to 30 cars. so we all drove off following each other. once on the highway i swear not one person was going less than 80. eventually we reached the beach and found the perfect spot. but of couse we had to whip out the small fold table with the dominoesss! everyone was just enjoying themselves with our senior class. gustavo and i ran into the water but it was so coldddd. once we got out it was really refreshing. ahh hehe :D
after hours on playing games, watching the guys play football and dominoes, and bonding i decided to tan. the sun was amazing whoo. after a couple hours of tanning we decided to pack up around 3pm because yevette and sonia had to work at 4pm and i had a concert to attend.
i then came home with wanny we showered and got sexayy. we met vicky, katie, and marmeny there. the concert started and hey monday was the first show then metro station, all time low, cobra starship, and fall out boyyyyyy!!!!! wowwww all the shows were truly amazing. i was in the front row of the most pit for the first two shows but when metro station came on it was wayyy to much to handle guys were like fighting and they were pushing girls and i was really tired of pushing so eventually i left the mosh pit. ahhh pete looked so hot. and when he got into the crowd and was next to us i totally flipped omfg.! i was so excited to see fall out boy that i peed on myself a tiny bit and i almost threw up about 3 times because of how hard i was screaming. when my song tiffany blews came on i flipped out again omfg. i was just really happy to be with fall out boy again at the same arena. cobra starship was so awesomee. i would totally do gabe :D
after the concert was over and after pete rocked my socks i came home to the bed that awaited me and slept like a baby. :D that concludes the best day of my life.

p.s.: according to gabriel saporta pete wentzz began the swine flu by taking a trip to mexico and farting in the kids pillows. ha!

i will upload some beach pics laterr on.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

poof...and then your gone like that.

wow it's amazing how quickly you can come into this world and even how faster you can come out.
hence the reason that i strongly believe in living everyday like its your last day to live because tommorow is never promised.
today, well technically yesturday since its 2:26am a friend of mines passed away. actually, he wasn't necessarily MY friend but he was definitely someone i knew and it just really sucks remembering so alive and next you know they are gone just like that in a blink of an eye. its crazy because i remember the friday before going on this weeks vacation i remember him sitting with his friends on a yellow window booth and always seeing him in the morning during breakfast at the table next to mines having fun and talking. and now i know that i will never be able to see that again and it suckss.
its crazy because summer is almost here and the summer seems to make people go wild. i am mostly scared for my older brother so i pray that god watchover and take care of my older brother as well as my family.
and as for my friend:
may god bless him because he sure was something special and may god bless and take care of his family because im sure they are suffering a lot.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

someday you'll wake up.

howdy fellow bloggers and readers.
please excuse my absence for i have unfortunately been wrapped up in something called "reality" and believe me it pretty much stinks. sadly i havent been able to submit a fashion post in a while but do not worry i will have one up in a jiffy. so anywho here are my life updates.
- i am going to be appearing in our next musical THE WIZARD OF OZ yayyy!! i am a jitterbug, snowman, oz dancer, munchkin city citizen, and am part of the girls chorus.
- my brothers birthday was apr.21st and we went lazertagging. it was awesome. apr.21st was also our greenteam earthday cleanup. it was really fun and turned out to be pretty successful.
- i work tommorow ehh :/
- i have a twitter now so follow me @
- my financial aid packets suck from the two schools that i really want the most. so idk i have no clue what to do. i reallyyyyyyyyy wanted to attend columbia college chicago.
-i bought some beautiful brown oxford heels for ONLY 10 dollars whooooooop.
- i also went shopping for the summer :D
- i kinda want a boyfriend

whatevvv im really stressed and have no clue what to do with myself well thats it for now
so ttyl.