Saturday, April 25, 2009

someday you'll wake up.

howdy fellow bloggers and readers.
please excuse my absence for i have unfortunately been wrapped up in something called "reality" and believe me it pretty much stinks. sadly i havent been able to submit a fashion post in a while but do not worry i will have one up in a jiffy. so anywho here are my life updates.
- i am going to be appearing in our next musical THE WIZARD OF OZ yayyy!! i am a jitterbug, snowman, oz dancer, munchkin city citizen, and am part of the girls chorus.
- my brothers birthday was apr.21st and we went lazertagging. it was awesome. apr.21st was also our greenteam earthday cleanup. it was really fun and turned out to be pretty successful.
- i work tommorow ehh :/
- i have a twitter now so follow me @
- my financial aid packets suck from the two schools that i really want the most. so idk i have no clue what to do. i reallyyyyyyyyy wanted to attend columbia college chicago.
-i bought some beautiful brown oxford heels for ONLY 10 dollars whooooooop.
- i also went shopping for the summer :D
- i kinda want a boyfriend

whatevvv im really stressed and have no clue what to do with myself well thats it for now
so ttyl.

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