Sunday, April 26, 2009

poof...and then your gone like that.

wow it's amazing how quickly you can come into this world and even how faster you can come out.
hence the reason that i strongly believe in living everyday like its your last day to live because tommorow is never promised.
today, well technically yesturday since its 2:26am a friend of mines passed away. actually, he wasn't necessarily MY friend but he was definitely someone i knew and it just really sucks remembering so alive and next you know they are gone just like that in a blink of an eye. its crazy because i remember the friday before going on this weeks vacation i remember him sitting with his friends on a yellow window booth and always seeing him in the morning during breakfast at the table next to mines having fun and talking. and now i know that i will never be able to see that again and it suckss.
its crazy because summer is almost here and the summer seems to make people go wild. i am mostly scared for my older brother so i pray that god watchover and take care of my older brother as well as my family.
and as for my friend:
may god bless him because he sure was something special and may god bless and take care of his family because im sure they are suffering a lot.

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