Sunday, March 15, 2009

eye of the tiger.

soo i went to a rockband party and this was my outfit.
-sheer flourescent yellow racerback tank-target.
-acid wash jeans -target.
-black slouched boot-forever21.

ayyy i got into savannah college of art and design as i mentioned and i also got into lasell (and received an 21,600 award for all four years), mount ida (and received an 8,000 award for every year) , columbia college chicago, cazenovia college, and massachusetts college of liberal arts. as of right now savannah and colombia are at the top of my list although i am still waiting to hear back from fit. i feel really confused because i dont know which school is better and i really want to visit them both but gahh wth thats alot idk maybe i can get people to sponsor me so i can visit at least one campus.

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I.Bleed.Music said...

maybe to Savannah...& then I can drive up there and see you!