Monday, March 2, 2009

your mouth it moves but fails to speak and when you use your lips they better be on me.

grey,black, white, and yellow floral scarf.-???.
grey and white pinstripe button down.-h&m.
black vest.-h&m.
grey argyle designed pocket cardigan.-marshalls.
dark skinnies.
black pom pom ballet flats.-f21.

ello gov'na, yeah yeah i know it has been forever since i have written a damn post but i come with good news!.
i got accepted to savannah college of art and design in georgia!!!!!.
yay for me omfg im totally stoked . i found out during advisory and i was so damn happy all i rememeber is running down the stairs so fast i almost busted my ankles like four times. i ran into wanny's class so fast and told her the great news and then we cried of joy. :D

currently im working on catching up on all my school work ://, um finishing 3 dresses before friday, and performing all in the timing by david ives on thursday, friday, and saturday. this week will be hell and very very busy

so i finished the 5 shirts i previously wrote about and they came out really nice yay! and unfortunately i still haven't bought the jeffery campbell shoes because they are still unavailable ugh im dying.! um but i did go shopping! i bought some acid wash jeans, a sheer flourescent yellow racer back tank, and a neutral 3/4 sleeve cropped tweed jacket. they will soon be posted here.!

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I.Bleed.Music said...

you're so adorable. ILY