Friday, February 20, 2009

studded and spiked.

i have been home for the past days so there's really no outfits to post.
but i will inform you that these suckers are def. soon to be mine. i almost fell off my chair when i saw these and then almost cried when i saw they were temporarily unavailable. but im staying posted so that as soon as they come into stock im the first to buyi love them because they are so out there that i can easily pair them with a white tee and a nice scarf and i'm ready to go. They kind of remind me of the studded heels in the balmain s/s 09 collection

balmain s/s 09 ^

unfortunantly those sexy balmain heels a bit over a thousand dollars so for those chic ladys who would like to buy a cheaper but just a chic pair here are some examples:

These heels are sold at aldo's.

These are sold at Zara.

i am really hungry right now and could use a venti vanilla bean frapp. yumm
so im really really stressed right now because i have two weeks to finish three gowns and alter 5 t-shirts for a fashion show! its alot of work but its what i have to do in order to get where i want to be in the future.

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