Tuesday, February 17, 2009

simplicity is key.

sooo today my outfit was much much much more toned down than i usually ever wear and i also didn't apply any make-up or eyeliner ! becauseee i fell asleep pretty late last night so i didn't have the energy this morning to put on make-up. omgahd my mother bought me an organic pillow a couple days ago and last night was the first night i used it and personally i don't know if it was because of the pillow or what but i do know that i had the freakin best sleep i have ever i repeat ever had in my life! waking up was such a drag because i was so so so so comfertable. i la la la love sleeping. oh oh oh and i watched free willy! that movie is bOmbb. i love it .! hehe well today i went to drama rehearsal and one of our cast members just walked out on us and therefore we couldn't rehearse (curse you nick) and then i went to work. i work at groundwork lawrence and am a member of the greenteam. we visited the empty malden mills which are being renovated into apartments and it was just such a great experience because we got to see like where the water powered the mills and just alot of history. and i loveee the history of lawrence so it was an experience that i greatly appreciate. although it was a bit scary like going through tunnels i felt as though i was in a haunted scary place but overall it was amazing here are some pics or the mill, wanny, and i!.


-black belted motorcycle jacket.-forever21.
-white knit cardigan.-gloucester knitting.
-black tank.-american apparel.
-dark skinnies.
-black pom pom ballet flats.-forever21.
-pearl necklace and earrings.-vintage

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I.Bleed.Music said...

you're so cute !
I love you w/ all my heart !
even though I bet you are super mad at me ! =(