Monday, February 16, 2009

when you see my face hope it gives you hell.

i am not quite sure why my heart palpitates every time i see some type of cowboy style slouch boot but i know that all of a sudden its not so easy to breathe. pretty much the same feeling i got when i saw these sexy suckers with my baby rosy in new york and right then and there we both knew that there was no way in hell that we were going to walk out of the store without those shoes and as a result of that rosy ended up buying two pairs one in black and one in brown. another thing is that i have nothing but reams of love for studded things.! from belt to shoes to purses to shirts i love pretty much anything with studs on it!

pyramid studded vest.-forever21.
-red plaid shirt.-h&m.
-shirred gloss leggings.-forever21.
-black slouched boot-forever21.
-black teardrop pendant necklace wrapped in coil-vintage thrift shop.
-rusted brass beaded earrings.-street vendor in new york.

on another note today started off really rough my mother brought me to the chinese buffet and i didn't want to go there because im convinced that "general tso's chicken" is not chicken at all and is some type of mystery meat that could easily be another animal. I have seen so many stories about people finding rats and cats in chinese food and its really been affecting me that even the smell of chinese food makes me nauseous at times (and i used to love chinese food) well any who back to my story i was dragged into the chinese buffet and all i ate was fries, ice cream, and these little donut things and then i started crying cause i felt like i was being tortured and so i walked out and i left walking to joanne's fabric (my own personal heaven) and then i looked around for some fabric which i have to buy in a couple of days and then my friend wanny called me and i vented to her and then i went to her house. i look back and yeah maybe i did overreact but i just couldn't take sitting there looking at every ones plate thinking if it was really chicken. ugh and then i watched moulin rouge! what a great movie!.

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I.Bleed.Music said...

ilyyyyyyyyyy !!!
Your necklace is awesome!! Actually, your whole outfit is! I absolutely adore it! You're too cute ! You are my super fashionista =]