Monday, June 29, 2009

pretty young thing.

the balmain fall/winter 09-10 collection is absolutely divine. it is one of my favorite collections, he as well is one of my favorite designers. the excessive use of black, white, siver, sequins, leopard print, boots, and structure give me serious irregular heart palpitations. i have been inspired greatly by this collection. i am loving the whole rocker-chic style. i just LOVE the entire collection!!!!(cause god knows how obsessed i was and still am with the balmain summer09 studded heels.) another balmain lover is the legendary michael jackson himself. on numerous occasions he was spotted wearing balmain. above is a picture of him sporting a spring 09 embellished blazer and fall 08 cropped leopard print trousers. he's pretty much amazing. with that, i also want to give my condolences to the jackson family. it's sad that we had to lose one of the biggest idol's in history. personally, i believe michael jackson is chilling with biggie, tupac, and elvis in egypt but that's another story. i believe instead of mourning his death we should celebrate the 50 years that he was with us and the decades he had making music and history. instead of asking why's and what if's lets just accept that he's in a better place. instead of talking about his "molestation" charges and all lets remember how much money and time he donated to charities and the amazing humanitarian he was, but mostly instead of mourning his death, lets celebrate his freedom from this judgmental world. rest in peace michael and believe that you will never be forgotten and you will always be the king of pop.


miky said...

i love balmain i love balmain i love balmain

Stupid Girl said...

balmain on balmian. perfect combination.


Emilie said...

I LOVE BALMAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren and Jennifer said...

We love balmain!!

ultimate fashion junkie. said...

yay glad you girls share my love for balmain!