Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just to make it clear.

my hopeless fashion victims
when you are a "abercrombie and fitch" fiend and "hollister" lover you are in no way contributing to the fashion world-hence the reason you should not call nor consider yourself to be a "fashionista".

ATTN!!- buying a shirt that says HOLLISTER or ABERCROMBIE on it in mega-sized letters does not prove anything except that your a walking billboard/advertisment and that your a dumbass for spending over $60 on a shirt that should have cost you $5 and only took less than $1 to produce.

i understand if you buy something that is being massproduced, but work with it. use you own creativity to make it your own. the best way to shop is boutiques, thrift shops, yard sales, ect. believe it or not because its an easy way to snag some really sweet things at a very cheap price. you dont have to worry about someone owning the same thing you do because its most likely not being produced anymore. anddddd you can consider it as recycling because your reusing and outfit. remember one;s trash is another's treasure.
and i understand it can get difficult to go thrift shopping because where you live there might not be many shops because i myself have that problem but if your buying something from a mass-production store at least get funky with it. add something to make it different and your style.

get it, got it, good. :D


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your very very welcome haha i take it you feel the same way!