Monday, September 28, 2009

beautiful liar.

grey v-neck t-shirt.-target.
floral print blazer.-thrifted.
random jeans.-?.
brass and beaded earrings.-street vendor.
eggshell blue hand-crafted ring-the dominican republic given to me by my best friend.

thanks to lily leaf over at momo monroe's diary for this awesome award:

this award requires me to state 10 facts about me so, here we go!
1. i loveee poptarts!
2. fall out boy is my life!
3. my older brother and i have the same birthday (december 9th) but are five years apart.
4. it is absolutely pouring outside right now.
5. i adore the colors black, grey, and white.
6. i want to move to tokyo.
7. i live in an all-girl dorm and i go to lasell college and am studying fashion design.
8. my favorite models are agyness deyn and raquel zimmerman.
9. my favorite color is silver.
10. i am an artist.


Lily Leaf ♥ said...

i love your outfit and pictures!

becca. said...

gorgeous outfit :)
thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog sweety :)
would you like to link exchange?

Lori said...

I love the blog and your header is pretty cool

Safiaa said...

nice outfit ! i love you're bag !!!

Ashley said...

I really like your header..very attention-grabbing.

Valeriesoh said...

your dorn looks super neat! i remember my dorm.... you could barely walk in!!!

Kendra said...

Love the outfit :)

ANN said...

I loveee Poptarts too! Hahaha & I love your bag.