Wednesday, August 26, 2009

back from my new york trip.

hey bloggers im back from new york! this trip was amazing and like any other. i spent time with my family and my adored cousin rosmarin.i took many trips to different places and here are some pictures. like i mentioned in the last post is a new website that offers the coolest brands at the lowest prices, & it costs nothing because you're paying for the things you get with the points you earn. the prizes include ipod's, wii's, mac's, bags by marc jacobs, and backstage passes.
the site launches publicly in october, so right now it's invite-only & the points for the prizes will go up by then, so join now while everything's low & easy to get!
i have 15 invites left so the first 15 people to comment with their e-mail, i'll send you an invite! check your spam folder.

during our hike from williamsburg brooklyn to seaport manhattan.

wall street.

my big old happy family.

wandering in new jersey.


yeah, we're some serious tanners.

eating the best chinese food with rosy. they have the best bbq sauce.

times square. oh, what a beauty.!

he is amazing.

finally got to see van gogh's starry night in person!

andy warhol's marilyn monroe. his work is amazing.

coney island.

my cousins<3.


the statue of liberty.



cool photos!!!

The Biche said...

You seemed to really have some fun!

Dannie said...

looks like you really had a good time! too bad you wont be there for fashion week tho :(

ultimate fashion junkie. said...

thanks yeah i had an awesome time. actually i think my school is taking us down to new york for fashion week.

Glamouristalifestyle said...

send me tht inviteee asapppppp girly.

Glamouristalifestyle said...

n the pics are awesome.shame u didnt inform me u were in the city.we could of hang out =[ u owe me a date